Artist Residency

About the Residency

The Lakeside Inn Residency is an extension of its history and an acknowledgement of its roots. From the film producer that acquired the property in 1901, to the Wilson’s purchasing it in 1968, renaming as The Lakeside Center for the Arts, Lakeside was always a space for artists and makers. The Lakeside Inn Residency offers artists across disciplines a space of respite to play, rest, and create. The residency was initiated by the current owners with the mission of supporting local and regional artists.

Johalla Projects, a collective of curators and writers, and its curatorial partners, will be collaborating alongside the inn’s caretakers to oversee the residency. The programming will host everyone from musicians, to ceramicists, to independent curators, to painters,
to filmmakers and beyond. The artists will be selected to participate for a duration of time determined by the season, their practice, and/or their proposed project. Each resident is expected to be involved in a program within the inn, and each program is catered to the medium the artist works in. If a participant is not interested in a program, the inn asks for a print, or piece of work to be donated for display.

Artist Residency Application

Amenities & Stipulation

  • 2 bedroom apt with a kitchen and bathroom Artist studio with sun lights
  • Ceramic studio (you must to be trained to use it) Private beach
  • The backyard pond
  • Art sculptures
  • Local food walking is 15 mins, driving is 5 min Local grocery is 5 miles from inn


Lakeside Inn Residency is currently free for the selected artists as we finalize our program. It does not offer a stipend for the artist, but includes a picturesque place for an artist to live and work for the duration of their residency.

Artist Residency Application

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