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About the Residency

 Lakeside Inn 2023 Artist Residency Program

Submissions for the 2023 Lakeside Inn Artist Residency Program are closed and the 2023 season is in full swing!

Applications for 2024 will begin October 15, 2023.  

Selected artists will participate for a two or three-week period (three weeks for ceramic artists) based on their proposals, expressive medium, and past body of work. Residents stay in the residency apartment located behind the inn, and also have 24/7 access to the clay studio (ceramic artists only) on the main level or artist  studio on the second level. WiFi is available for the studios and the apartment.  

The clay studio will only be available for artists who are approved to work there.  Ceramic artists must show a solid proficiency for their craft in order to be  accepted to the program. While the residency is generally free, we do charge ceramic artists a fee for kiln firing, as well as for clay and glazes. Ceramic artists are allowed to bring prior approved clays and glazes, or inquire about what our studio carries for purchase. Because clay takes time, approved ceramic artists will have a three week residency instead of two week.  Ceramic artists are also encouraged to apply for the month long work residency, where they can spend part of the day doing housekeeping and the rest of the time in the clay studio. 

The residency program also offers a month-long Artist Work Exchange Program for the months of June, July, and August. In this program, artists are able to earn a paycheck for 15 to 20 hours a week doing housekeeping for the inn, and are otherwise free to pursue their creative projects during their stay.  

Residents are asked to donate a quality work indicative of their practice for display in the Inn’s permanent collection. If donating a piece is not possible (such as from dancers or musicians), residents are then asked to present a program at  the inn, such as a group class, discussion, performance, or gallery showing.


We encourage all artists submitting to have a car of their own for travel.  The area itself does not have readily-available public transportation, but we do have bicycles available during the nicer months of the year that may be used. There is an Amtrak train that runs from Union Station to New Buffalo, but a cab is necessary to take you from New Buffalo to Lakeside. 

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Applications end DEC 15, 2022

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Amenities & Stipulation

  • Artist studio with sun lights
  • Ceramic studio (you must to be trained to use it)
  • Private beach
  • The backyard pond
  • Art sculptures
  • Local food walking is 15 mins, driving is 5 min Local grocery is 5 miles from inn


Lakeside Inn Residency is currently free for the selected artists as we finalize our program. It does not offer a stipend for the artist, but includes a picturesque place for an artist to live and work for the duration of their residency. THE RESIDENCY STAY IS FOR ARTISTS ONLY.

Applications  end DEC 15, 2022

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