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Lakeside Artist Residency Program (no, we are not calling it LARP)

Posted September 8, 2019
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RossaThe kickoff to our LARP this summer was a painting residency by Rosśa Crean, a Chicago-based multimedia artist and composer whose work “stirs in you deep, undertones of humanity” (Access Contemporary).

As a synesthete, Crean creates projects that focus on neurological responses between sound, color, and emotional states.. Rosśa has garnered several awards for their visual and audio art, the most recent being the American Prize in Opera Performance for “The Great God Pan.” They have been in New York this summer developing a multimedia installation entitled “Schöne Gespielin”; the project consists of eight paintings Rosśa has created that show what they see as a synesthete when listening to the musical piece of the same name that they composed in 2018. Their most recent upcoming operatic premiere “The Harbingers,” an a cappella opera for ten voices, will take place on Halloween Night 2019 at Rosehill Cemetery in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. To catch up with what Rosśa is most recently creating, check out their website at

Rosśa has two paintings currently on display at Lakeside Inn: “The Rift” and “In the Garden of the Illusive Francine,” both completed at the inn on August 29, 2019. Both pieces use acrylics and large amounts of water to give them spectral nuances you see on the canvas.