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“Sinners & Saints” April 1 & 15

Posted January 12, 2023
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As Spring begins, the grounds at Lakeside Inn will be green with new growth,
bursting into bloom, and positively crawling with spies. On April 1st and 15th we will
host murder mystery dinners for the Saints and Sinners Ball (a
“Twilight Cove is a mysterious city by the bay filled with secrets, scandals, and
intriguing personalities. The metropolis is the home base of a dangerous, international
crime syndicate known as Eclipse. The agents of this secretive organization live their
lives as innocuous people – free from the federal government’s radar. Dark Core is the
anonymous crime boss of Eclipse and has called for a Saints & Sinners themed gala to
be held at The Crescent Hotel. All Eclipse agents are required to attend. There may be
moles posing as members of Eclipse, but Dark Core is on a mission to find out who is
loyal and who is working undercover for the feds.
You are an Eclipse agent and know you will not live long if you fail to attend this
cloak-and-dagger event. Eclipse has the power to wipe out all traces of you from the
face of the Earth – both digital and physical. Will Dark Core finally reveal his or her
identity? Nobody knows the answer to this, but if you are one of the spies, you should
be afraid.
Your instructions from Dark Core are to dress as a saint or a sinner to the
celebration – it’s your choice. Please realize that Dark Core always has a reason for
every action. Will your attire at the party give away your loyalties? Only time will tell.
This is where your story begins.”

We will present this game twice – Saturday, April 1, at 6:30pm, and Saturday, April
15 at 6:30pm. Tickets are $45 per person, including the game and dinner. Characters
will be assigned in advance; costumes are encouraged but not required.
Tickets are limited. Please call at (269)469-0600 or email to
sign up, or request a place when you book your 2-for-1 hotel reservation. Please be sure
to specify which date you are interested in!