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February 25 Murder Mystery Dinner

Posted December 8, 2022
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For our February Murder Mystery Dinner, please accept an invitation to Poe’s
Raven Party (a game):

“You have received an invitation to a Raven Party at the Poe Mansion in
the gloomy crime-ridden city of Wraith’s Cove. The town gossips are chattering
about the disreputable people on Eddie Poe’s guest list. What could Eddie be
thinking? Could it be that Eddie has finally gone mad? It appears that at least the
Poe Mansion’s in dire need of assistance. Ever since Eddie’s housekeeper quit,
the estate is in shambles.
Nevertheless, you are intrigued by the thought of a Gothic dinner party
held in honor of a fiendish bird – even if this sordid group of ruffians may cause
chaos. Chaos can be fun sometimes, right? This is where your story begins.”

Tickets are $45 per person and include the game and dinner. Characters will be
assigned in advance, via email; costumes are encouraged but not required. Tickets are
limited, please call (269) 469-0600 or email to sign up, or
request a place when you book your 2-for-1 hotel reservation.