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January 21 Murder Mystery Dinner

Posted December 8, 2022
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The winter months are quiet in Harbor Country, which makes them perfect for
Murder Mystery games at Lakeside Inn! On Saturday, January 21, at 6:30pm, please
join us for The Noxhelm Murders (a game):
“In a quiet, foggy town in an unassuming neighborhood known as Misty Oaks,
there is a sinister force lurking within the walls of what the town calls Ripper House.
Built on an ancient burial ground in the 1920’s by The Butcher of Noxhelm, the house
has claimed over a hundred lives with some of the bodies said to have been buried in
the crawl spaces. Visitors claim to have witnessed lights flickering, doors slamming,
and other paranormal incidents. It is well documented in history that whoever owns
the home will be dealt a hefty case of doom and despair with a twist of death and destruction.
Ben and Brenda Biggs are the new homeowners of 203 Moorgate Street, and
have invited the neighborhood over for a housewarming party. They seem like a nice
couple, which is such a shame. You were invited. This is where your story begins.”
Tickets are $45 per person and include the game and dinner. Characters will be
assigned in advance, via email; costumes are encouraged but not required. Tickets are
limited, please call (269) 469-0600 or email to sign up, or
request a place when you book your 2-for-1 hotel reservation.