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Murder Mystery Dinner December 10

Posted October 20, 2022
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Happy Holiday Season Everyone! Let’s celebrate the winter holidays with a Murder
Mystery Dinner! Join us on Saturday, December 10, 2022 at 6:30pm for the Hatter’s Ball
(a game, and the sequel to Halloween’s game – Bloodwood
“The neighborhood socialites have touted the Hatter’s Ball as the bash of the year in
the isolated town of Bloodworth Falls. Mayor Riley White has organized the event in
the old Bloodwood Castle as a diversion from the scandals that have plagued the town
in recent months. Of course, it’s no coincidence the ball is scheduled right before the
upcoming mayoral election.
The mayor posted the invite list online, and your adversaries have already sent in
their RSVPs. You’re intrigued and have decided you cannot miss an opportune moment
to seek revenge on those who have crossed you in the past. Now, you are on a hunt for
the perfect hat.”

Tickets are $45 per person, including the game and dinner. Characters will be
assigned in advance; costumes (especially hats!) are encouraged but not required.
Tickets are limited. Please call at (269)469-0600 or email to
sign up, or request a place when you book your 2-for-1 hotel reservation.